Architectural Works

Restauration of an old house at Suwa


Location Suwa district, Nagano Pref.
Use Private house
Family components Couple
Structure Wood (partially reinforced)
Total floor area 247.15 sqm
Construction period 7/2000~4/2001
Project StudioPRANA +Atelier 8
Construction Okae Company

Restoration of an old house built about 100 years ago. Because the owner demanded a warm home, barrier free, while enhancing the design, there was a need to reinforce the structure, the insulation performance and ease of living around the water. By extending the hip roof, we devised to put the light in former earthen kitchen from high windows. This old house has been registered as cultural property.


South exterior Back outbuilding View of the living room from the dining Dining
Study Entrance Night view (entrance) The house preceding the restoration

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