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 Architect MikiHayashi

Miki Hayashi


Architect MikiHayashi

林 美樹(はやし みき)

  • First-class architect
  • Studio PRANA Representative
Short Curriculum Vitae
1979 Graduated from Fuji, Tokyo Metropolitan High School.
1983 Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Architecture
1985 MA from Graduate School of Design, Musashino Art University Graduate School.
1985~1996 Interior Planner at Nihon Sekkei.
1992~1994 Venice School of Architecture.
1996 Studio PRANA Representative
1999~2007 Lecturer, Department of Architecture and Design, Musashino Art University
  • Architecture Institute of Japan
  • Japan Institute of Architects, registered Architect
  • Forum for wooden architecture.
  • Wooden house net
  • Council for wood house building, Tokyo.
2000 (For the “Cedar trees house”) Chairman's Award, Promotion for living a comfortable life. House in Gunma
2001 (For: “Osawa’s house”) Award Competition, housing sector for taking advantage of wood, Nihonkiaoren
2007 (House of Minami-Hayama ) Regional OM Award of Excellence for Architecture.
2008 Environmental Design Excellence Award, Design Award 2008, Living Environment
(for the “House with grass roof", Musashino)
11/2006 Four approaches and the environment field" JIA Architects Gallery
1/2008 Exhibition Case Study for Energy-saving housing, Suginami City
3/2008 Design Award for the dwelling environment OZONE Awards 2008 Exhibition in Shinjuku.
10/2006 Housing school course, Ishikawa Prefecture
“Space as culture to live in the future"
7/2009 Department of Nagoya School of wood house
"Designing natural architecture and living"
2/2010 Wooden house building course in Gifu
"Designing natural architecture and living"
Local activity
Summer/2006 GREEN CAFE´ “Nakase” Executive committee
JIA Suginami Public Relation Committee
2010~ JIA Suginami Vice president.