studio PRANA Philosophy

Studio PRANA Philosophy

Build a natural house with Miki Hayashi

Studio Prana has been specializing in wooden design, utilizing traditional construction methods.
Of course, we consider the scale and nature of the construction site and, if it is appropriate, we make use of RC and steel, and take advantage of the features of the structure.
Japan's ancient architecture was mostly wooden. In addition wood was abundant, and wooden buildings were considered very suitable for Japan climate. Taking advantage of the trees, Studio Prana proposes an architecture which blends with the natural environment. Here is an example of residential design and what we cherish in the manufacturing of space.

Making a place where to pass time naturally

Unplug the power of the body, feel the warmth of the sun, feel the wind, whatever acts on the five senses, we want to make such place comfortable.

Rather than impose a style induce it

We think Space has not to be forced, but let a little unfinished. The final form has not to be completed because who lives in the house can complete it. You can imagine such a new life, but we want make a space where wealth is hidden.

Listen to the earth

The site has power, personality, and I try to bring out the charm of such as building space. And then as time passes, the architecture aims to be like even more attractive in such landscape.

As air flows

The name of the Studio, "PRANA”, is a Sanskrit word for "mind". I always think to make a space where to care the attitude of mind . Without going against nature while accepting.

Go slow in feeling

I Spent two years in northern Italy in the 1990s. I Learned the "idea of a slow life” . Even though, not in the sense of linger. More slowly, to look to the past or the future. Spend more time relaxing. Not hurry, etc I think in the long span this is very important.

About materials
About what returns to the soil after a long life. What lasts longer, and over time and becomes attractive.

Basically, I want to use "natural materials." Natural materials comes into play with variety of use: humidity control, thermal storage, and fire protection. After use they return to the soil not as waste disposal. It is raw material as wood, paper, and grass. As well as insulation, I try to use natural materials as much as possible, friendly materials that have such properties. These natural materials over time become a more meaningful expression and for this reason they are attractive.

About the structure
Beautiful and durable structure

Even if you mend the surface, if it has not a solid fabric, it does not last long. Not limited to wooden, I focus considerably on the body structure. Skeleton of living beings is really beautiful and rational. I think the same for architecture. Also, I think also taking advantage of the framework with design and creativity.

About openings
The relation between inside and outside

To be honest even if I am an architect I hesitate to the last breath about the position and size of windows and doors and their shape. Connecting the inside and outside has a significant impact in the appearance and also in the inside. In addition to the changing of the light I consider the flowing of the wind and their practical implications. In addition, the space under the eaves,the open veranda, such as the terrace is an important place that makes soft the inside and outside relationship. Where space is limited, you can feel a more deep space in the way of making of the openings.

About the passive way of thinking
About the passive way

The term "passive" refers to receiving the force of nature and coexist with it. The glider will be called passive assuming that the jet is active. For architecture, it means “do not make use of fossil fuels but use natural energy such as as wind and natural heat as much as possible, without imp a”citing on the environment. From this sense, the traditional house of Japan was very "passive" indeed. For as much as possible, even if not return to the thatched house, avoid the sunlight, let the wind pass through and use the solar heat is main purpose of a natural house.

About the traditional method
Adesign that does not fight but challenges

Even though traditional construction method, it varies according to time and region. Even though traditional technology, because over time it evolves it is not possible to say “Is that”. I want to hold these principles and add a new twist. One thing that can be said is that the traditional construction method does not refer only to craftsmanship. Surrounding it, there are the ties between people in the field of manufacturing, the relationship with the local community that is as well a relation with the society. So “passive” is to accept nature and I think that it continues to live in the traditional construction method

I stick to handmade as much as possible

By working on the design I want also to think about the traditional construction and I was able to meet with good craftsmen. If building a house is the same is bette rot have to have it built by good craftsmen. The good thing about what is handmade is that it can not be compared for richness and flavor to mass production. The carpenter understands the habit of every material used and chops by hand. Also the plasterer does not make the same finish work for every house.

Borrow the power of the plants
Make a microclimate

Urban heat island phenomenon is in progress even now. Now, in order to live comfortably thinking only about your own home is quite limited. There are research results that show that by increasing the ratio of green space the temperature drops naturally, so with the help of the green in the house I want to increase your own comfort with pleasant surroundings. I think always not only the building but also the exterior and the garden.

If possible I want to use wood
My aim is also to protect the forests

Increasing the forest will lead to reducing CO2. However if we not take care of mountains healthy forests will not appear. Using domestic wood will also help this. The problem of forestry decline is dificult to deal with but forst of all it needs action. To use local materials as much as possible means you do not have to for transporting it. Recently, for works in Tokyo I use Tama timber from Ome (Ome material) Tama timber. This is because I want Tokyo forests to be health.