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House in Shakuji


Location Nerima ward, Tokyo.
Use Dedicated dwelling house
Family components Couple
Structure Traditional wood construction method
Total floor area 86.13m2
Construction period 1/2010~7/2010
Project Studio PRANA
Construction Carpenter Tokura

House for two retired persons. Modestly-sized, is a basic residential plan house. In your The owner's request who watched the grass roof house, was to build the house with " traditional construction method". According to the budget it was not possible to adopt earthen walls, but with using minimum hardware, we realized a half-timbered house. The wood is cedar, produced in Tama. Both inside and outside the walls are stucco finished. Although located in a small lot in Tokyo, the house take advantage of the corner position, of the blowing of the wind, and the sun.


Overall view northwest side West side exterior Approach Garden View from the living
Living room and stairs Bathroom Entrance Kitchen
View from the loft shed      

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