Architectural Works

House in Kobuchizawa


Location Hokuto city, Yamanashi Pref.
Use Dwelling house
FAmily components Couple
Structure Wood
Total floor area 143.52m2
Contruction period 8/2009~5/2010
Project Studio PRANA
Construction Miyura Construction Company

“We want a pentagon house." This was the request for a house that has been constructed around a regular pentagon living room and a studio. It is characterized by timber-framed building utilizing a pentagonal pillar as conceptualized by Studio PRANA and the master carpenter. Thus the shed roof is non-rectangular, also the eaves are non- horizontal determining a diverse and unique space inside. For the husband is a lover of books, music and orchids, and the wife is a researcher the house has been thought as an usual residence also for visiting family and friends as a pleasant place where to forget everyday life.


Panorama Bathroom Bedroom Dressing room
Kitchen Staircase Study  

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