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House in South Hayama


Location Yokosuka, Kanagawa Pref.
Use Villa
Family components Couple + two children
Structure RC + wood
Total floor area 198.57 sqm
Construction period 7/2003~ 7/2004
Project Studio PRANA + Ibukuro's Architectural Office.
Construction Nikka Architecture,(Master carpenter:Koji Tokura )

This project utilizes the suitability of the geographical inclination of the land overlooking the Sagami bay, it is a vacation home for enjoying the ocean. The first floor arranges the private space such as bedrooms and bathrooms. The second floor consists of a large deck space that can be opened to the south. Kitchen, dining and living room lead to a gradual Japanese style where you can enjoy the sea and the sky changing moment by moment.
Large deep roof eaves, the adoption of the OM Solar, wind and natural light make this house to utilize efficiently the natural heat and it can be considered a “passive house. Roof truss is made as much as possible without hardware, making it the traditional half-timbered construction, while utilizing modern design.


Living at night * From the living room overlooking the sea * Deep outer corridor * Bathroom
From the bathroom overlooking the sea Loft * External staircase and the garden tiles South Exterior *
South Exterior* Exterior/approach Distant view Kitchen view from the dining *
View from living room entrance * Japanese-style shoji *    

* photos by: Ryo Hata

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