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Atelier in Hiroo


Location Shibuya Ward, Tokyo
Use Ceramics studio + gallery
Structure Steel frame structure
Total floor area 64.26m2
Construction period 5/2009~10/2009
Project Studio PRANA
Constrction Suzuki gumi.

The tenement was originally a small frontage of 2 mats, studio + gallery were built for the young potter on the site with only 6 mats dept. Kerosene furnace installed in the third floor, the main studio pottery class-rrom is part of the second floor. Part of the ground floor facing the street holds the shop and the gallerie to show the work. Due to the narrow constraints of the site from north to south, the frontage of the building is only half a mat. South and North have are made with glass, the west wall is covered with green plants. The west window in the studio captures the light and wind through the green screen. Although the structure is in steel, the floor of the studio where the potter spends a lot of time is made of a solid plank. The floor of the gallery is covered with glass beads, display shelves are made from old wood. Soft feeling of pottery stands out to form a unique little interior space.


Panorama Entrance South exterior Looking back from the gallery
Wall greening Gallery Old wood shelves for display Second-floor atelier

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