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Musashino・House with grass roof


Location City of Musashino, Tokyo
Use Dedicated House
Family components Couple
Structure Traditional japanese wooden structure
Total floor area 107.77m2
Construction period 8/2005~4/2006
Project Studio PRANA
Construction Separate order

The roof is covered with grass. The client wanted to live without air conditioning and wooden exterior, so I proposed clay walls. This is the first work for Studio Prana of a full scale of clay walls house. Because of the fire performance of earthen walls we were able to outfit the wooden and clay outside wall with the fire community standards. For this project ventilation has been particularly considered for the northern planting and green curtains with the help of plants. Summer comfort has been realized without relying on air conditioning.


The grass roof of the inferior room The Green curtains (Plant name: Goya, “bitter gourd”) From the garden The stairway
View of the portal from the living Looking up to the veranda. SE appearance North exterior
Stairs up to the grass roof Bitter gourd harvest from the veranda The main house grass roof Garden approach
View of the living from the earthen floor* Green curtains* North exterior* Panorama of the grass roof**
From the kitchen overlooking the living room * From the bedroom overlooking the study* The appearance of the garden* A part of the grass roof *

* photos by:
** photos by : Kida

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